Happy New Year 2014!!

Happy New Year guys.
I hope you enjoy my work all year 2013.

Last year was AMAZING for me:
*I WIN the Xbiz Awards 2013 the best international performer, with only 2 years in international porn.

*i done my new boobies :), everybody ask me why?!. But real thing is, i dont have done because of the porn, but yes because i all the time want have my boobs bigger, and all this years in porn
i have done teenagers scenes, so i can’t have. But this year i start think more about me and no so much in work. I don t care if the people like or not, for me the most important is “I love my new boobs” 🙂 now i go start a new style in Porn… Big boobs… XD LOVED

*I wrote a book “Body and Soul”, where i speak about the real tinks in Porn business, and my private life with my husband Angelo Ferro, its a erotic book, but with real facts.

*In Portugal google search 2013 , was the most searched celebrity of the year, and in second place was Cristiano Ronaldo. XD

*And i am again Nomineeted for XBIZ AWARDS 2014 (foreign female performer of the year 2014).

****Wellcome 2014****

Enjoy the life guys. 😉
Big kiss
Erica Fontes



For the next year 2014, i am again nominated for XBIZ AWARDS on category – Foreign Female Performer Of The Year.
I am very happy to be nominated again, and thank immensely XBIZ for valuing my work all long this years.

Las year i win, and i hope this year win again =P



Big Kiss
And enjoy…
Erica Fontes